This is the next evolutionary step forward from my old photo website www.fayeharrison.co.uk The old site has been returned to Faye and in the next few months some of her work will start to appear on there.

All the pictures that were on Faye's website are either on this site, or are in the process of being moved here. There are over a thousand pictures in total so please bear with me if it seems to be taking an age to get some of the older pictures across.

The pictures on this site are of reduced quality to allow them to load quickly over the internet. If you would like pictures to print out then send me an email with the name of the photo and I will email you a copy of the original which will look a hundred times better when printed out. In my experience most people are better off going to one of the street developers to print pictures rather than trying to print them themselves, however if you have some good photo printing kit at home then you may be better off printing them yourself.