The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project

High Altitude Ballooning

Icarus III Launch 1

To test the Icarus III PCB

Technical Data

Launch Date 15 May 2010
Launch Time 12:30:50 UTC (13:30:50 BST)
Launch Lat, Lon 52.251217,-0.091828
Landing Date 15 May 2010
Landing Time 14:23:49 UTC (15:23:49 BST)
Landing Lat, Lon 52.173077,-0.400255
Flight Duration 1:52:59 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance km
Max Altitude 35,059 m ( 35.059 km)
Average Ascent Rate 3.733 m/s (13.440 km/h)
Average Descent Rate 23.580 m/s (84.890 km/h)
Max Descent Rate 59 m/s (184.894 km/h)
Impact Speed 10.908 m/s (39.268 km/h)
Payload Mass 1.000 kg
Balloon Mass 3.000 kg
Total Mass 4.000 kg


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This launch was a great success in many ways however it highlights two points to me. One larger balloons are not the only parameter in getting high altitude. I’m not sure that the increase in size and weight will actually achieve spectacularly different results.

Lessons learnt and improvement in the future

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