The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project

High Altitude Ballooning

Icarus I Launch 2

To range test how far the Radiometrix NTX2 will transmit. This mission is GPS free so it won’t be a perfect science but using the CUSF predictor and the flight time it will give a pretty good indication as to how far the balloon has travelled and hence the distance achieved by the Radiometrix transmitter. Ideally a GPS would be sacrificed too but that would cost another forty five pounds!

Technical Data

Launch Date 21 September 2008 17:00:14
Launch Lat, Lon 53.65547, -1.670267
Landing Date 21 September 2008 17:10:48
Landing Lat, Lon 53.47900, 0.099833
Flight Duration 0:10:34 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance 0 km
Max Altitude 297m (0.297 km)
Average Ascent Rate N/A
Average Descent Rate N/A
Max Descent Rate N/A
Impact Speed N/A
Payload Mass 0.980 kg
Balloon Mass 0.500 kg
Total Mass 1.480 kg
Power 2x9v PP3 Lithium control board and beacon; 4xAA Servo
Transmitter Radiometrix TX 434.650 MHz 10mW
GPS Receiver Trimble Lassen SKII
Camera Canon Digital Ixus 400
Servo Futaba S3003
Temperature Sensor DS1821 -50 to 100 deg C

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