The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project

High Altitude Ballooning

Icarus I Launch 1

This launch is primarily to check that GPS data is received and transmitted successfully to ground control. Testing of the cameras photographic settings for flight conditions will also be carried out.

Technical Data

Launch Date 21 September 2008 17:00:14
Launch Lat, Lon 53.65547, -1.670267
Landing Date 21 September 2008 17:10:48
Landing Lat, Lon 53.47900, 0.099833
Flight Duration 0:10:34 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance 0 km
Max Altitude 297m (0.297 km)
Average Ascent Rate N/A
Average Descent Rate N/A
Max Descent Rate N/A
Impact Speed N/A
Payload Mass 0.980 kg
Balloon Mass 0.500 kg
Total Mass 1.480 kg
Power 2x9v PP3 Lithium control board and beacon; 4xAA Servo
Transmitter Radiometrix TX 434.650 MHz 10mW
GPS Receiver Trimble Lassen SKII
Camera Canon Digital Ixus 400
Servo Futaba S3003
Temperature Sensor DS1821 -50 to 100 deg C



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