The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project

High Altitude Ballooning

Icarus III Launch 2

Hi all, well it’s been a while and there are a whole lot more people doing this now. Icarus III launch 2 is a commercial launch and will be appearing on the BBC in the autumn. I can’t tell you too much more about it that that at the moment but we should be getting… (read more)

Icarus II Launch 6 – Ash Cloud Observation Attempt

Well this turned out to be a failure. The power save feature on the camera activated before launch and the a camera turned itself off before launch. So no pictures payload :-(. However on a slightly more positive note Neil managed to video the balloon from launch to burst which is a first for the… (read more)

A poem by Elvis McGonagall

Flight of Fancy Tethered to earth by gravity’s guy-ropes Trudging out from primordial sludge Sleepwalking down the years in deep-sea divers’ boots Nose to the grindstone we endlessly drudge Oh would that we could fly like Icarus (but without his wings of wax) To ascend unto the heavens like a beautiful balloon Up, up and… (read more)

Iñaki Docio – Panorama

Here is some amazing work done by Iñaki Docio with the images from Icarus II Launch 3. The picture below shows The Thames esturay going into the channel. On the bottom left you can see France on the other side of the channel. Click on the image to view in a new window at it’s… (read more)

Media Interest

I seem to have got a bit of interest from the media over the last few days. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the pictures and video. Pictures can found here on flickr Please let me know where you read about this project ideally by leaving a comment below or emailing me see contact details menu